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Giants-History is most comprehensive guide to the history of the Belfast Giants on the web. Giants-History.com gives an indepth look into each season of the Giants with player and team statistics, standings and results from every game including all-time records for players as well as for the team and other features including fight cards and a legends section. All this information can be explored by sifting through links at the top.

The site originally started out as belfastgiants.net in October 2002 as a hobby site that I used to write about the Giants but as people tended to go to the official channels for the breaking news, I decided to focus the site on an area not covered and so changed the name to giants-history.com to cover the history of the club. This rebranding took place in May 2006 and as a work in progress I have built it up gradually to what you see today full of stats and information about the history of the club.

On top of the historical information, I ran a blog full of current Giants news and opinions by which I could detail my throughs and views while following the team. At the end of the 2009/10 season with me now living in Canada and unable to attend games in person I archived the day-to-day blog section and will only write editorial pieces from time-to-time. I didn’t want to close the site because of the work that went into it and as the history will always be history I’ve kept it online for reference and will update it on a season-by-season basis, at least. I also left the old blog up because of the history within it as well from a fan following the team basis. For more information on this change to Giants-History you can read the in depth reasons for the change here.

If you like what you see then feel free to spread the word and if you spot any errors then get in touch so I can fix them up and make it look like they were never there in the first place.


Richard Blayney, Founder & Editor